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We’re Going To Build A Community

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Sunset skies over Eureka Springs, Arkansas

These words are finally turning into action. Finally, people of all backgrounds are seeing—really seeing—what people of color have known all along: the color of your skin often determines whether you live or die. Our system of justice, and its policing is broken, and we can no longer try to glue those pieces back together. It needs to be recreated.

There are approximately 40+ million black humans in the USA. I’m asking for a quarter…25 cents to represent each one of them. Yes, that’s 10 million dollars. Yes, that’s a lot of money. But considering what systemic racism has done, it’s a drop in the bucket. While I can’t help everyone with that amount, with your help, we can help some.

Please support our GoFundMe

I’ve known many good, honest cops over the years. I still do. But, the profession as a whole has to change. Laws, policies, and politics have to change. All have to be treated equal. ALL. It starts with communities. With ‘We the People, in order to form a more perfect union.’ It’s already started with unprecedented millions marching in the streets demanding change, right now. Risking their lives, literally.

Racism. I have no personal experience in racism.

I do have personal experience in discrimination. In abuse – sexual, physical, and verbal. In bodily threats. In bullying. In abandonment. In social and professional shunning. But at the end of the day, I am still a privileged white woman.

A 66 year old grandmother…who is also a lesbian.

I grew up in the mountains, and mountain kids were considered sub-standard and beneath their city counterparts. So it began. Even at the tender age of 5, when I started school, I knew I was “different” – even then I liked the girls far more than the boys. By 14, I came out, moved out of my home while still in school and working. And it began.

I was harassed, stalked, threatened with shock treatments, and all the rest that comes with being an out gay person in the late 60’s.

I plugged along. I worked hard, I lived honorably, I raised a son. I’m in love with my partner, and I get to smile at my grand-babies. I made it through some very trying times. But never once did I experience racism, nor will I ever.

I will forever be another “white privileged woman.”

Now, I’m an angry white privileged woman.

Not all of us can march, but we can do what we can in our corner of the world. So I’m starting where I am, as I hope many other people will. I’m starting in the quaint little tourist village I call home:

Eureka Springs, AR. A place that is known for its diversity, and even hosts three literal Diversity events each year.


In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Racism has been part of the American paradigm since the colonial era. In the early 1900s, Eureka Springs and NW Arkansas had a vibrant black community. But the inevitable whitewashing began, and even Eureka’s local black community was driven from their homes, killed, burned out, and eradicated.

A few wooden headstones marked with a ‘b’ are long gone, and while some paltry writings of the time still exist, the whitewash has remained pretty much intact.

It’s way past time to build a new community, a welcoming community. A place where truly #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Here’s what we are going to do. Here’s why we need your help. We want to build a place for whoever needs a retreat, a healing place, a garden place, a reflective place. A place to stay for a bit of time or a place to call home for longer.

A place for the single black mom, the black LGBTQ, the black veteran who needs a fresh start; the black family who wants to exit city life for a while. The interracial family who wants a safe vacation place. Pick flowers. Interact with loving animals. A place where you will matter. A safe place. A place to learn, to grow. A place as beautiful as you. A community, a village. A place where ALL are welcome. Harmony.

Please support our GoFundMe

Even amid the checkered past of racism, Eureka Springs, AR has long been known for its healing powers, its beauty, its solace and serenity. It’s time to bring back the vibrant black community that was here so long ago.

We already own several acres tucked away on a mountain top in Eureka Springs. We have a chance to buy the adjoining land to expand this into a 50-100 acre mountaintop oasis. And that’s why we need your help.


We will start in phases. The first will be the purchase and remodel of a two story older log home with walk-out basement on the adjoining acreage we already own. That will become a gathering place with meals, common areas, bedrooms and a place to have people stay for getaways or more permanent living. Next, the several acre mountaintop wooded grounds will be cleared, landscaped, and turned into an area of serenity and peace. Wildlife already wanders freely. Updates, pictures and progress will be added here. The first phase will require 500-600k


Next phase will be the multi home development of about 12 acres of mountain top. Flat, south facing views over the valley will provide accommodations and living for several people and families. Well and septic will be drilled and installed. There is plenty of space for gardens..both food and flowers indoors and out with greenhouse and outdoor space. Walking trails will be built that lead to the many rock outcroppings and springs on the land. Meditation areas will be a focus, exercise areas too. Peace, tranquility abound. This phase will require 800k-1M to complete.

Please support our GoFundMe

After that, the next project is to acquire an additional 30 acres with a small lake, springs and trails for mountain biking and hiking. More homes will be constructed here and a large shop area for hydroponics and more gardens. Workshops, retreats in a variety of topics and interest will be offered. Some instructors, teachers, lecturers are already onboard with this project. Sustainable living, growing food, communing with animals, natural healing, learning a new skill…these will all be offered and more. This will require a few million to complete and sustain.


All in all, with construction, water, septic, electric, high speed internet, insurance, security, and long term running expenses for employees and staff it will start to self sustain but will require 5M-6M .


Building a community is expensive, but not near as expensive as NOT doing it. Black lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, straight need support. A safe place, a place of belonging and acceptance to live, enjoy, renew, grow and prosper. A place to come for a bit of time, a place to spend and build a life in a town of diversity and love.

I’m prepared to do my part, and more. I’m even willing to turn over valuable web domains I own for the cause.

In 1995, and in the Internet business, I bought I have been the only owner of that domain for 25 years. It was never used other than an acronym and for my own acronym of my business name. Today it could be another acronym. Yes, I’m well aware of the somewhat negative connotation of pimps…but what is happening with the current president is pretty let’s turn it into something positive.

President Is Making People Sick/Succumb = PIMPS

Anything over the goal, we will donate (after the IRS gets satisfied and fees are paid) to an organization who supports BLACK LIVES MATTER by the choice of  a vote. Email who you would like to get the money.

I will also turn over – again to the vote of who you the donors want it to go to.

Please support our GoFundMe

The domain was valued over 5 million. – yes, domains sell for that much. sold last year for 30 million.

President Is Making People Sick/Succumb or if you want it to be used for the next reasonable POTUS. (I sure miss Obama). I guess in that case, it could be President Is Making People Smile. Or use it for whatever you desire.

If we go over the 10 mil then I will start handing over other domains…such as and I have a several more.

There are approximately 40+ million black humans in the USA. I’m asking for a quarter…25 cents for each one of them. Yes, that’s 10 million dollars. Yes, that’s a lot of money. But considering what systemic racism has done, it’s a drop in the bucket. Thank you for helping me help others. Please share far and wide.

So, please…help. Spread the word, do the Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and wherever else worldwide so that we can get the word out about this fundraiser.

Please support our GoFundMe

We also own several lots of land scattered across Arkansas. Our plan is to just give those away to families that would like their own land. All are in towns or cities, and have utilities to them.

Donate a dollar, a few dollars, a few thousand or more. Let’s hit the goal and get this way past due community started.

I can’t change the world, but I can change a piece of it for many, many years to come, to be set up in a trust for perpetual living.

Questions can be sent to

Please, let’s all be the “Man In The Mirror”

I have met with all local law enforcement and media in the surrounding area so they all have a heads-up, should any …well…undesirable actions or threats be made. We’re about to build a peaceful, safe place, and we’ll keep it that way.


President Is Making People Sick/Succumb


PRESIDENT Is Making People Scared, Savage, Squirm, Spew


For more information on  what the Black community in Eureka Springs used to be click here

Thank you for helping build this community! It will be set up to perpetuate into eternity for generations to enjoy.


Please support our GoFundMe



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