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‪Acting Attorney General Sally Yates instructs DOJ to defy Donald Trump’s Muslim ban‬

You can count the Department of Justice among the growing number of federal agencies who are openly defying Donald Trump’s unconstitutional orders – and in this instance it’s officially coming from the top. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who is in charge of the DOJ as long as the confirmation of Trump nominee Jeff Sessions remains pending in the Senate, has instructed her employees not to defend Trump’s Muslim ban executive order under any circumstances. This comes two days after four federal judges issued stays against Trump’s order, and it sets up an immediate Constitional crisis.

Trump can fire Yates, but he cannot install Sessions without Senate approval, which he is now far less likely to get after the events of the past three days. But if he does fire Yates, no one will be left at the DOJ with the authority to issue the most top level warrants, meaning she may be essentially unfirable for now.

With federal judges having already issued rulings against Trump’s Muslim ban on the grounds of lack of constitionality, and numerous members of Congress having spent the weekend at airports demanding that federal agents release the Muslim detainees, and now the head of the DOJ refusing to comply, it means all three branches of the federal government are now taking aggressive action against Trump – leaving him increasingly isolated just eleven days into his presidency.

But even with millions of Americans now regularly taking to the streets to protest against Donald Trump’s illegitimate Russian-backed rise to power and his aggressively unconditional actions in office, he can only be impeached if the Republicans in Congress agree to work with the Democrats to make it happen. Meanwhile mass protests continue to grow.

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