President Is Making People Sick


POTUS Is Making People…. Scared, Savage, Squirm, Spew


Do you feel like your Gov’t is PIMPING you? Help us help others.



What is your acronym  for PIMPS?

Buy it for whatever you want to brand. I’ve owned this domain since 1995 – single owner. Never for sale before. Now it is.

When we get out of this current virus conundrum, people will need a safe place, a place to garden, a place to feel safe. We have 12 acres and trying to acquire another 3 that surrounds us. To finish out the build out we need dollars. To pay any income tax, have enough to build out the Safe Place we’re looking for 1 million dollars or more.

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Negar Hajikhani has been with Sedo for over eight years and has brokered multiple high valued domains ranging from six upwards to seven figures.

Negar speaks English, Farsi, German, and Mandarin and manages a multilingual international clientele. For her continued excellence in brokerage she was awarded the prestigious T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Award for Domain Broker of the Year in 2013.